How the Mogees vibration sensor works

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When using the Mogees sensor with your smartphone, take the black plastic lid off your Mogees and stick it to the object you wish to play. Connect the 3.5mm cable from your Mogees microphone into the headphone input of your smartphone. Connect headphones or speakers into the Mogees cable adapter and open the app.


The Mogees sensor will work on nearly any object that vibrates; woods, metals, glass, plastics etc. Objects that are either too dense (such as brick or concrete), or too soft (such as cushions or loose fabric) will not vibrate and therefore not work well with the Mogees sensor.

Lots of people ask whether you can stick the Mogees to the human body to play music. The answer is not really but kind of! If you like to hit yourself really hard it could work! A better thing to do is to place the Mogees on an object (like a dancefloor or sculpture) and interact with that.

The sensor sticks to objects using a removable sticky pad. If it gets dirty or looses its stickiness, you can peel it off and wash it before re-attaching.

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