What is a gesture?

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A gesture is an action that produces vibrations on the surface to which a Mogees is attached. For example tapping a table with your thumb, a coin, or a stick will all be different gestures.

Mogees uses real-time gesture recognition in order to assign different notes or sounds to different gestures.


Unlike traditional instruments where notes are arranged spatially (such as across a keyboard or fretboard), Mogees arranges notes based on analysing the frequency spectrum of the incoming sound from the Mogees microphone. This means that it is not the distance away from the sensor or the position of where you tap, but rather the type of the sound that the sensor hears.


When you first open the iOS app, it will be in 'Plug & Play' Mode, and will listen to the incoming sound from the microphone and attempt to associate low frequency gestures (such as a dull thud with the soft part of your hard) to low pitches or notes, and associate high frequency gestures (such as scraping a coin along the surface) to high pitches or notes. The plugin computer version of Mogees simply uses a single pitch that you can choose or use MIDI input to control.

When you train gestures within the software, you can then make your own associations between incoming and outgoing sounds. By training your own gestures you will have direct control over which notes will sound as a result of your actions.


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