‘Input muted’ message appears even though Mogees microphone is plugged in (iOS)

General Support -

This message may occur if the iOS device does not detect the external microphone. Close the app (double tap the home button then swipe the Mogees application upward to dismiss), plug out the Mogees microphone and restart the device. Plug the Mogees microphone in again and open the Mogees app to see if the ‘Input muted’ message remains.

If the issue persists, do the following to determine where the issue is;

Close the Mogees app but leave the Mogees microphone and headphones / speaker plugged in. Open the ‘Voice Memo’ app built into iOS. Start a new recording and speak at a normal volume into the iOS device (not the Mogees microphone) Then tap the top of the Mogees microphone (gently) with your finger. Upon playback if you hear your voice but not the loud taps of the microphone it means there is a hardware issue with the Mogees microphone. If you do not hear your voice but hear the loud taps, then the Mogees microphone is behaving correctly.

If the Mogees is not detected then you may want to clean your iOS devices headphone socket.

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