How to send MIDI from the Mogees App to a computer

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Once you have trained some gestures in the gesture view, you can then perform by sending MIDI information over WIFI.

The following steps will show you how to receive that MIDI information on a Mac and use it to trigger samples in Ableton Live.

If you are using Windows, we recommend you download and install Tobias Erichsen's rtpMIDI software and follow the same steps below.

1. Ensure that both your computer and device are on the same wireless network. 

2. On your computer open ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ (use command + spacebar and type Audio MIDI Setup and press return).

4. Once opened, select 'Window' from the toolbar, and select 'Show MIDI Studio'

5. Double click on ‘Network’

6. Click + under 'My Sessions' to create a new session.

7. Underneath ‘Sessions’ tick the box beside ‘Enabled’

8. In the Directory window you should see the name of your device. Select this then click ‘Connect’

9. Choose the bottom dropdown menu of 'Live routings' to be 'Network Session 1'

Your computer is now receiving MIDI from the Mogees App.

10. To receive this MIDI information in Ableton, go to Live's MIDI Preferences, and ensure that Track input for Network Session 1 is on.


11. You can then route the MIDI information to a new MIDI track in the arrangement or session view.




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    Rich DDT

    In step 8, my iPhone is not showing up "In the Directory window you should see the name of your device."

    I'm using the latest version of iOS (9.2.1) and latest Mogees app (1.2.1) on an iPhone 6s and connecting to a late 2013 MacBook Pro running Yosemite, the latest Ableton (9.6 64bit) and the latest Mogees VST (1.0.9b). Both are connected to the same Wifi network.

    Any ideas how to get them connected? Thanks!

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