Smartphone to Audio-interface cable adapter

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The Mogees microphone terminates in a 3.5mm male TRRS connector. This is designed for smartphones and combines the microphone input with the headphone output.

You can use a standard stereo 3.5mm cable inserted into the Mogees cable to send it to external speakers or mixing desks, sound cards etc.

If you wish to connect the Mogees microphone into your audio card and use the Mogees plugin on your computer, use the supplied adapter which converts the 3.5mm TRRS to a female 6.35mm socket. You can then use a standard guitar cable to connect the Mogees mic to your audio interface.

The number of Mogees microphones you can use simultaneously is only limited by the number of inputs on your sound card. 

You can also simply use the Mogees microphone as a contact microphone. Simply use whichever audio recording app you prefer on your iOS device (Voice Memo or GarageBand for example) or by using the adapter into a sound card and not routing the audio through the Mogees plugin. 

During live performance use, we recommend using a DI box to convert the unbalanced signal to a balanced signal. This prevents any electrical interference over long cable runs which could affect the signal.


Click here to see help and tutorials for using the Mogees plugin.

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    Maxime PARIS

    Ok, thanks for this article.
    Just one question more: Do I NEED an IOS device to play Mogees?
    Or can I just play Mogees with the "Mogees PRO plugin" (with Ableton)? And where can I find this plugin...

    In fact there are more of one question, sorry... :)
    Thanks for all!

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    General Support

    Hey Maxime,
    You do not need an iOS device to play Mogees if you have a computer with audio software that can host AU/VST plugins (like Ableton). You can find it over here:

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    John Destein

    When will a stable android app be available? I'd love to roam everywhere and capture sounds on my phone but I don't have an iPhone. I noticed you're working on one and it's in the play store but can you share some of the problems before I invest in purchasing a unit?

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    General Support

    Hi @John Destein,

    Unfortunately we have ceased developing that Android App. We have removed it from the PlayStore (thanks for the heads up). You can learn more about the struggles we faced with Android, here:

    Mogees Pro is currently available as an iOS app for iOS 8+ and also as a VST/AU Plugin for OS X 10.7+

    We have a new product called Mogees Play, which will also be compatible with iOS 8+ on select Android devices with Samsung Professional Audio Technology (SAPA). These SAPA devices include: Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, S5 (Lollipop), S6 and S6 Edge models, S7, and a few others.

    You can see Mogees Play here:

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