How play Mogees Pro, adding sounds and training gestures.

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With Mogees you can assign different gestures to be associated with different notes, sounds or midi notes.

Click the + icon 

Choose the instrument, preset, and note of your choice.

Hit 'next' in the top right corner.

Perform your first gesture at least 12 times. It is good to perform the same gesture with a variety of strengths and around the area that you wish to play. The more gestures you train the more accurate the gesture recognition will be. Only one dot should appear each time you perform your gesture during the training process. If more than one dot appears, go to the Advanced Settings and increase the Trigger Threshold slider.


If two circles representing gestures overlap the software may have a difficult time distinguishing them during performance. Ideally your gestures should be separate from each other.

To create distinct gestures that have separation between circles, try performing a gesture using a slightly different action, stroke, exciter (such as sticks, rings, coins etc.). For a guide on creating suitable gestures, visit the ‘Gesture training guide’ section of this manual

Once trained, all gestures will display a unique coloured circle. You can click a circle to edit its sound, change its note, or edit its synthesis parameters.

If you click on a circle and choose edit, you can add training examples to make the gesture more accurate, or press retry to retrain your gesture.

To delete a gesture, press and hold the circle then click the X.




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