How to fix feedback or loud continuous noise (iPad)

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iPads are more susceptible to feedback due to low quality internal components (when compared to iPhones)

The combined microphone and headphone port suffer from crosstalk, meaning that when the iPad is set to higher volumes, the output of the headphone jack bleeds some audio directly into the microphone input creating a feedback loop. This occurs regardless of using speakers or headphones.


If you hear constant ringing or loud continuous noise (i.e. feedback) while using Mogees on an iPad, complete the following steps.


#1 Reduce the global volume of your iPad.

Use the volume shoulder buttons on the iPad to reduce the volume to around halfway:


#2 Reduce the sensitivity slider

Within the Mogees app, click on the three horizontal lines in the top right, and reduce sensitivity to halfway or below. 


#3 Increase the Gate parameter

The gate slider is an audio gate for the Muon and Blue Steel sound engines. This will prevent continuous low level sound from feeding through the sound engines. 

To find the correct level, tap on the object you are playing and raise the gate until you no-longer hear your taps. You then want to reduce the gate slider slightly below this point so that you can hear your taps, but not any other residual sound.

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