Differences between Mogees Pro iOS App vs Mogees VST/AU Plugin

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While the Mogees Pro iOS App and VST/AU plugin share most of the same features, there are some slight differences.

The Mogees Pro iOS App benefits from the portability and ease of setup of using Mogees with an iPad or iPhone.

Electronic musicians however commonly use Audio Unit or VST plugins within various audio softwares in order to create music or perform live on stage. For this reason we created the Mogees VST/AU plugin for electronic musicians to use Mogees within their existing setups, in the studio or on stage.



Mogees Pro iOS App                                             Mogees VST / AU Plugin
iOS Device Computer with Mac OS X 10.7 or above or Windows 7 or above
Headphones or Speakers                                                Audio Interface with 1/4" input
  D.A.W. software (e.g. Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase etc.)



Mogees Pro iOS App                                               Mogees VST / AU Plugin
Gesture Recognition Gesture Recognition
4 Sound Engines 4 Sound Engines
Advanced Audio Settings Advanced Audio Settings
Remote MIDI Input (coming soon) MIDI Input
Remote MIDI Output (coming soon) MIDI Output
Inter-App Audio

Ability to use alongside other effects within DAW


Ability to use multiple Mogees simultaneously


Ability to save and load sessions

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