Siri / iTunes activated when using Mogees Sensor

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In-line controls such as volume buttons on headphones can be used to activate iOS features such as Siri and iTunes.

While Mogees has no in-line controls it can occasionally trigger these features unintentionally.

This issue only affects very few devices and tends to occur more often with iPods and iPads where the headphone sockets are slightly 'looser' than iPhones.

If this issue is occurring frequently, there are a couple of steps you can take.

1. Remove the case from your iOS device if it is getting in the way of the Mogees jack being fully inserted.

2. Stabilise the cable during performance, preventing the cable from moving around the socket as you play.

If this issue becomes too problematic, please take a quick video of the issue and send it to

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    My Mogees pro performs pretty well but I experience Siri or music triggering due to 3.5 loose connection.
    It seems that mogees pro does not accept input from my iRig pro audio interface witch is attached to the much more reliable lightning connector.
    Is there a way to link the mogees input to that device ?

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    General Support

    Hi Helmut,

    Mogees Pro works well with iRig interfaces. Just plug your Mogees into the 1/4" adapter that comes with the Mogees Sensor, then use a standard guitar cable to connect the adapter into your iRig input.


    (in the picture I'm using a different iRig but the principle is the same!) 


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    Hi General Support,

    As you mention, your iRig interface is not the same as mine. Yours plugs into the 1/4" connector, mine plugs into the lightning connector and is not recognised as an input by mogees software wich waits for a microphone presence on the analog input. The iRig pro is an audio card, the iRig you show on the picture is not. 

    Thanks for your reply. 

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