Why can't I save gestures?

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There are a couple of reasons why it is not possible to save gestures with Mogees:

When you train gestures on a particular object, the Mogees software is analysing the precise vibrations that you are creating within the configuration. The combination of the sound you make when hitting the object; the exact position of where the sensor is on the object; and even the 'stickiness' of the sensor all contribute to the overall "sound-picture" that is used to train the gesture recognition.

Therefore, if you move the Mogees sensor (even a small amount), then the reliability of the gesture recognition will be greatly deteriorated. For this reason it is recommended that any time you move the Mogees sensor, you should re-train all of your gestures.

The Mogees software will remember which sound presets and parameters you used, in the correct order you trained them.

It is for this reason that we also do not store gestures between sessions, as the object, the position of the microphone, the stickiness of the sensor, and even the way you perform will most likely be different the next time that you load the session.

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