4. Tonic and Scale Choice

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There are two Scale Slots that allow you to quickly switch between two favourite scales.

Only one scale can be active at any one time.



Scales are built upon choosing a tonic and a set of scale intervals.

The tonic note can be any MIDI Note between 24 and 83.

Scale intervals can have 2 to 12 values and can range from 0 to 11.


Note Range Edge-Case

With Mogees the lowest possible note is C = 24 and the highest note B = 83.

If you have multiple notes selected, for example 78, 80, and 82, and then attempt to move the Root Note (78) up, then the upper notes will disappear. If the Root Note is 80, then the selected notes will be 80 and 82. Since 84 is above the highest note threshold, it will not be preset. However if you then lower the tonic note back below the threshold, the previously selected notes are re-introduced.



Shifting Selected Notes to fit new tonic.

If you changes the tonic of the mode, the root note (i.e. the lowest selected note) will move relative to the new tonic.

For example in C Major, you have selected midi notes 50, 52 and 53 (the second, third and fourth positions of C Major). You then change the tonic from C to D (making the scale D Major).

As a result the select midi notes change to 52, 54, and 55.

Because the difference between C (48) and D (50) is 2, you add 2 to all of the selected notes.


Shifting selected notes to fit new scales


If you change the mode, the selected notes are now recalculated from the current root note to correspond to the equivalent positions of the new mode.

Some modes have fewer or more intervals than others. If you change from a mode with a different number of intervals, the positions are maintained and redistributed to fit the new mode.






Major Pentatonic


Minor Pentatonic




Harmonic Minor


Melodic Minor




Major Blues


Minor Blues






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