I can't play two gestures/sounds at the same time

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One of the limitations of Mogees Pro is that it is not possible to play two sounds within 40ms of each other. 

The reason for this is due to the nature of how the gesture recognition inside Mogees works.

Lets say that your first gesture is the sound of your thumb on a table (A). 

You've trained this sound, and the software understands the sonic id of your thumb on the table.

You second gesture could be tapping a coin (B). This also has a different, unique sound that the software recognises.


Now lets think about what happens if you hit your thumb and tap the table with the coin simultaneously. The sound that is picked up by the sensor is not the sound of the thumb, nor the coin but a combination of both, which in and of itself is a whole new unique sound (A+B). For this reason it is not possible to detect the separate elements of this sound and play the two sounds simultaneously.



You could potentially train the sound of your thumb and coin hitting at the same time as a third unique gesture, however consistently replicating the sound of two simultaneous actions is pretty tricky - you're timing will rarely be perfect (unless you are a ninja finger drummer).


40ms is a pretty short amount of time though, so doing a 'flam' or playing one sound slightly after the other will most likely work if the object you're playing doesn't resonate or shake too much.

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