The app crashes or closes unexpectedly.

General Support -

If the app crashes or closes unexpectedly please let us know by emailing us with the following information.


What device you are using.

E.g. iPhone 5c, iPad Pro 9.7" etc.

What iOS version your device has.

You can find this out by going to your device's Settings > General > About

E.g. iOS 9.2.1

Which Mogees app you are using.

E.g. Mogees Pulse, Mogees Keys

Which version of the Mogees app you are using.

You can find this out by searching for the name of the app on the App Store and looking at Information > Version.

If you see that an Update is available, please install that update and test whether the issue still occurs before emailing us.

If the crash happens every time, sometimes, or rarely.

Some bugs only happen occasionally, others can happen by following a particular pattern. This is very useful information for us as we try to figure out how to fix the crash.

The steps you take in order to create the crash.

For example this could be the order within which you choose certain options, or the point in a particular part of the app that you can play that crashes.

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