I hear feedback or loud continuous noise.

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If you are hearing a loud or screeching sound through your headphones or speakers then there are a few reasons why this may be happening.

Method 1:

Turn your iPhone or iPad volume down! Try to keep it below 80%


Method 2:

Unplug your Mogees sensor from your iOS device.

Unplug your headphones or speaker cable from the Mogees connector.

Re-insert your headphones or speaker cable firmly into the Mogees connector.

Re-insert your Mogees firmly into your iOS device.

Restart the Mogees app you are using.

If you have a case on your iPhone or iPad, make sure that it is not preventing the Mogees connector from being inserted all the way.


Method 3:

If you are using a speaker, make sure that it is not positioned too close to the Mogees sensor.

The Mogees sensor is very sensitive and can pick up vibrations from a speaker if they are on the same surface.

Place your speaker on a different surface than to which your Mogees is attached. For example if you've placed your Mogees on a table, your speakers may feedback if they are also on the table.

Sometimes you may just need to turn your speakers down.


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