Mogees Hardware Test

General Support -

If you think there is a fault with your Mogees and it is not working, please follow these steps.

  • Close any Mogees apps.
  • Disconnect your Mogees sensor and headphones or speaker cable.
  • Open the 'Voice Memo' app which comes with iPhones (iPad users may need to download a similar app such as Audio Memos Free).
  • Insert your headphones or speaker cable into your Mogees connector.
  • Insert the Mogees connector into your iOS device.
  • Start a new recording using the voice memo app.
  • Speak at a normal volume into the iOS device (not the Mogees microphone)
  • Then tap the top of the Mogees microphone (gently) with your finger.
  • Finish the recording.
  • Playback the recording.
  • If you hear your voice but not the loud taps of the microphone it means there is a hardware issue with the Mogees microphone. If you do not hear your voice but hear the loud taps, then the Mogees microphone is behaving correctly.
  • Check for debris in your iOS devices headphone socket, then repeat the above process.
  • If there is a hardware issue send the recording or an example video to, and we will respond to you with returns and warranty information.
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